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Welcome To Black Jack Guard Dog! Your Safety Is Our Promise!

When you hear the word guard dog, what comes to your mind? A loyal pet that protects you while you’re unaware of your present surrounding, like when you’re sleeping, or busy working on important things right? A guard dog also help protect your valuables from theft and robbery, correct? Now imagine your favourite game of online blackjack turned into your loyal guard dog! Result? Play safe, risk-free without having to worry about being scammed because we’re dedicated to protecting your safety, no matter what we have to do – so we started with the name!

There are obviously a lot of online blackjack sites, and believe me we know the ins and out, the scammers from the legitimate operators. Being avid online blackjack players ourselves, we decided it was time to introduce something that wouldn’t rip people off. It was time to lay scammers of the radar and the only thing we could think of is launching something ourselves because we know the pain and agony of being scammed. We’ve been scammed. We had lots of other alternative names like and, but none of them appealed to us because what we want to do is be with you each step, making sure nothing goes wrong, EVER. That’s our promise!

A Brief Introduction to The Coolest Game Ever – Online Blackjack!

Before you start playing online blackjack, you need to know a little about this coolest game on earth! Now a popular game on the internet, online blackjack is an online version of the land-based version of 21 or the famous blackjack. Blackjack is about getting a jack who’s black, rather about getting as close as possible to the sum total of 21. So each player gets two cards, if you exceed 21 you lose or ‘bust’. Even in online blackjack casinos, there are many forms and styles of playing the game.

Playing Safe Online Blackjack – You Just Can’t Be Too Sure!

When you play online, you need to be very sure that you’re dealing with a legitimate site because if you win, and if you win big, without verifying the agent, you will curse your life! So keep the following points in mind:

Before choosing ventures to play online blackjack, always check the blacklists to see if the name of the merchant is there. If you find the name of the merchant, avoid them like a plague. After that looking for other online blackjack site recommendations, some people might have left reviews, so read them meticulously.

Online blackjack sites must be licensed and they should have an address, else, where will you claim your winnings?! A legitimate address will also ensure proper and fair operations so you’re not scammed if you win something.

Make sure that the software is pre-set to factory standards. Fairness is built-in, so that each of their variations plays just about the same no matter on which web site it has been installed.

Make sure that the venture you want to deal with is either audited by eCOGRA or Technical Systems Testing (TST). This will enable you to see how fair the games are on their site. Remember ventures that offer you a ratio of below 95% should be avoided.

If the venture offers different variations of the online blackjack game, you will need to know the rules and regulations of each so you’re not in for a surprise!

Always try with play money before shelling out real money. Real money should be used only when you understand the game and are confident about playing it. Remember, play responsibly.

See if the venture has a privacy policy because remember, data should never be shared to a third-party venture. SSL encryption on all sensitive areas is mandatory.

Last, but very important, make sure there’s a functional customer service! Without one avoid it. Customer service representatives should be available to handle any problems, queries and concerns, and they should be available 24/7 because it’s night in India, but morning in the US! A blackjack player can play online blackjack from anywhere in the world!

We look forward to serving you because this is by the people, for the people! Enjoy your game and we wish you all the best! May the lucky forces be with you!

Best blackjack online Casino

Blackjack is played at a wide scale in both brick-and-mortar and online casinos, but nowadays it is more profitable to enjoy the game online. Attractive first deposit bonuses, numerous promotions for existing members and a plethora of tournaments that have low buy ins and high prizes, make online casinos stand out from the crowd. Those who don’t trust the software and miss the times when they were playing against real dealers, and choose those online casinos who have live dealer tables for blackjack.

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